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Zhuzhou, a 25 year old guy because of eating fried chicken long out of the "C Cup" [Abstract] Zhuzhou 25 year old guy breast rather baffling change, a "C Cup", said the family was very fond of eating fried chicken, fried chicken and other food. Doctors recommend surgical treatment. Figure > > original title: Zhuzhou 25 year old guy because of eating fried chicken actually grow a "picture of patients with C cup breast hypertrophy. Red net Zhuzhou on September 14th news breasts can give young women beautiful points, but a young man on the implants long in the body, it is "spoil the enthusiasm". The day before, a 25 year old male breast hypertrophy patients to the Medical University of Zhuzhou Kai Tak hospital emergency department of cardiovascular disease, the doctor suggested that he was hyperplasia with surgery breast glandular tissue can be completely and with their years of "C Cup" farewell. Why is the president of a 25 year old guy "C Cup"? According to his family, who is very fond of fried chicken, fried chicken and other food, and sometimes do not even eat, only eat fried chicken wings. With the development of a young man day after day, but also with the breast becomes larger. Doctor Hu Tanyao said that many people now eat something unhealthy, such as daily intake of a lot of meat, "now farming will use a lot of additives in feed additives, and it contains a lot of female hormones, excessive intake will lead to the development of male breast disease." In addition, drink honey, royal jelly, eat vitamin E and tonic, health care products may also cause gynecomastia, these things are more difficult to clean with estrogen, metabolism. It is understood that, in addition to bad lifestyle, abnormal liver function may also suffer from the disease. Because of abnormal liver function, will cause the body of female hormones can not be inactivated. In addition, the long-term use of drugs in patients with hypertension will affect the metabolism of estrogen, some patients do not follow the doctor’s orders, will cause the development of male breast disease. Now, with gynecomastia patients is on the rise, the male population accounted for about 31~65%, many in the male adolescent aged 12-18 years or 50-70 years old. Hu Tanyao said, to develop good habits is to help prevent the disease, and pay special attention to the diet, try to eat less meat, eat more vegetables and fruits of this kind of basic food, in addition, carbonated drinks, wine, fried food should try to eat less. (Zhuzhou Railway Station net correspondent Hu Tanyao) video recommendation: Lightning man become a woman overnight skin tender grow large breasts相关的主题文章: