Xinzheng Yanhuang card bus card issued nationwide nlite

Xinzheng Yanhuang issued card bus card nationwide "Chinese card bus card yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xinzheng City, the" Chinese card bus card officially opened (pictured). It is understood that, for the first time with the Xinzheng public transportation IC card system can realize the interconnection bus card, that is to say the residents of Xinzheng city in the 76 domestic network city travel card, and enjoy local preferential policies. This also indicates that Xinzheng traffic ticketing system officially entered the era of electronic information. On the day of issuing activities, the city also held with bus IC card system 211, 212 bus lines of the opening ceremony, the two lines are the originating station for the Xinzheng district administrative service center, including 211 road through the blue sky community, Huaxin college, wetland park, the old cadre activity center, the second, the new city hospital, Wanjia hypermarkets, experimental middle school, court, end point station for pear town government, the entire 15 km; 212 road by Acer Dynasty, Chinese medicine hospital, West Renmin Road, the hometown Xuanyuan New South, sun and moon, like the social welfare center, end point station is three li Gang, the entire 8 km. The opening of these two lines will further facilitate the local people out of the old and new urban areas and ease the traffic pressure on some lines.相关的主题文章: