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To push the purchase of the policy which made the property market crazy? Sohu news in the first half of this year, China’s large and medium cities to usher in a new round of skyrocketing housing prices. National Bureau of statistics released today in August China’s 70 large and medium cities housing sales price statistics, compared with July, prices continued to rise in August, and the number of cities increased. The face of the August property market relay rose, some hot cities to restart the purchase of measures. Following Suzhou, Xiamen and other cities, Hangzhou is also out of the hands of regulation. Hangzhou hot property market regulation re tightened in September 18th, the Hangzhou housing security and the Housing Authority issued a notice, announced that from September 19th since the implementation of property purchase restrictions, "in the city within the scope of the purchase of suspension to have 1 or more housing and non city residence households the sale of housing, including new housing and second-hand housing". The city in 2016 related to the purchase of the specific details of the purchase of the property market in Hangzhou issued "sleepless last night" from September 18th 5 p.m. to the policy issued, at 0:00 on September 19th started, whether new or second-hand housing, last night have staged a network signed "shengsishisu". The purchase of foreign buyers on the eve of the signing of the contract, the Hangzhou city has created a record 3265 sets of commercial housing sales in a single day. Second hand housing contract 1840 units, a total of 5105 sets of record highs. Some developers even with a POS machine, rushed to Shanghai to allow customers to swipe. Waiting for the signing of the purchase of a real estate intermediary companies on the scene here, where the purchase price, who is the driving force behind the high prices? Why each time the purchase of credit limit policy will be "rob room" phenomenon? Buy javascript:void (0); housing in the end what is panic? CCTV review just because of the success of the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, China is the hottest city this year. Since September, the Hangzhou property market has suddenly become hot, very popular with foreign investors. Data show that a week after the G20, the proportion of foreigners to buy up to 39.3%. According to the National Bureau of statistics released in August the country’s 70 large and medium cities new housing price index, Hangzhou prices rose by more than last year, compared with last year, which rose by the national ranking of sixth in. The rapid rise in prices will obviously affect the city’s vitality and tolerance, a paper purchase order came into being. The introduction of restriction policy was to ease the overheated property market, but it has become a gun of panic buying. One side of the purchase price to grab the room behind what? A rise on the limit, a limit on the grab, grab a rise in the property market vicious circle has been staged in a number of cities across the country, and Hangzhou is the latest season. Prior to the use of credit leverage, real estate prices have pushed Hangzhou to a high demand from the basic needs. In line with the purchase of a part of ordinary residents. They are not the actual demand in the teeth in a large extent, but with complex emotional panic and hope to promote. They are not afraid to miss their own hard money through the purchase of the value of the "tuyere", but also worried about the long heard of the macro相关的主题文章: