To Kagoshima to find Benedict Ji hometown tourism Sohu minmi

To Kagoshima to find Benedict Ji’s hometown – Kyushu tourism Sohu is a concentration of Japanese high-tech industry, has always been a silicon island ". Kyushu Island area of about 37 thousand and 900 square kilometers, eight counties under the Kagoshima and Okinawa, which is the sea cruise travel. Kagoshima is one of the southernmost Prefecture of Japan, but also the ancient culture originated in Japan an important place. Although only a total area of about 9187 square kilometers, scenic spots but also long and profound history and culture beyond count. The sea cruise trip to Japan, from Kagoshima to start. Ling Fang teacher said that the July Kagoshima hot summer in the air Street complex line by water molecules sky sun stew steaming ironed with the poles on the pedestrian is arranged in a crisscross pattern slowly stare all follow the old bus last year and last year last year, so people getting old or new are firmly like time out of the Island private law l arrived at the port with the blue port L Tianlaizhiyin morning cruise ship arrived at the port, the port is a trip to Kagoshima and leave the place of. The breeze blowing, the sky, the white lighthouse stands between the beautiful blue sea. The big beautiful white clouds floating above the volcano, is a symbol representing Kagoshima, called Sakurajima. Sakurajima is an active volcano, there is still an eruption. I do not know if you remember March 11, 2011, shocked the world of the East Japan earthquake. In addition to Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima three major disaster area, the rest of the aftershocks also suffered persecution. Among them, also including Kagoshima. In fact, Kagoshima in Japan does not belong to the earthquake prone zone, only occasionally affected by the surrounding area. Here folkway, fresh air, the streets are very clean, the Japanese architecture in order to let people feel comfortable. In fact, whether it is Kagoshima or Okinawa, Tokyo and Osaka are not like those cities like the same copy, here has a long history, in the atmosphere, tired of the busy and noisy city, here is a good place for peace, but relax the. Just under the port, far see the Chinese characters with the words "Welcome Kagoshima" banner. Scorching sun, hot weather, this should be a summer day, but in order to bid farewell to China tourists, the local government organized the students play in the dock, visible Kagoshima attaches great importance to China tourism market. After the volcano will produce volcano ash, volcano ash very fertile, local people will collect it, planting "postwar" Mesaki Haruki’s short novel of the same name "Sakurajima", tells the story here is l LAWSON convenience store l journey convenience friends welcome Chinese tourists in Kagoshima in ten, take the money in fact, very convenient. A lot of places can use UnionPay cards, and even can not directly use the yen for the yen, but there are some stores do not accept the yuan, UnionPay cards can not be used. So in the tour guide will take you to the port not far from the LAWSON convenience store in advance to withdraw money and exchange yuan, by the way can also buy some water and food. Play相关的主题文章: