The trusted intervention event continues to ferment, park Geun hye government trust crisis – in Beij

The "trusted intervention" event continues in a crisis of confidence – the park Government News Agency Beijing in October 30 Seoul Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) 25, South Korean President Park Geun hye all national apology after the "cronies" Cui Shunshi suspected of "intervention" event on even continuous fermentation in korea. Political parties questioned the voice continued, mass rallies and demonstrations, public opinion is difficult to quell controversy, park Geun hye government is facing great pressure. The "trusted intervention" accused the "intervention event" has been involved in the Korean media called "confidant" Cui Shunshi park. According to reports, the 60 year old Cui Shunshi is the former chief secretary, park Geun hye, Zheng Runhui’s ex-wife, also Park "mentor" the daughter of Cui Taimin. Korean media said two people deep friendship, like sisters". Cui Shunshi had accused of consortium intervention operations and suspected of corruption has become the focus of public opinion, a news South Korean television station JTBC 24 evening disclosure again pushed in the teeth of the storm. Reported that, without any official Cui Shun real speech before the park Geun hye has access to speech involves the state conference opening speech, presidential election canvassing speech, inaugural speech, even in the part of the speech material of Chong Wa Dae park after the advance is provided to modify the Cui Shunshi see. Park the next position on the matter, and recognize the election as president was part of the information asked Cui Shunshi opinions, and apologize to all the people. The incident immediately triggered an uproar in South Korea. According to public opinion, the presidential palace in only a handful of staff have the right to review these documents, if true, this will be a serious national discipline disorder event. South Korean prosecutors have been fully involved in the investigation. Yonhap reported that the prosecution of the president’s secretary and assistant home and office of the raid on the 29 day, Cui Shunshi took the opportunity to return on the morning of 30, after the lawyer said that if the prosecution summons, is willing to accept the investigation, if found illegal acts, willing to accept the punishment. The government in a crisis of confidence in South Korean politics "," chaos "," national government to conceal his anger, even days, and so on critical articles occupy the major South Korean newspapers and website headlines. In South Korea’s largest portal search site Naver, and dry politics incident related leaks, resignation, impeachment and other keywords are always located in the forefront of search. Polling agency Gallup South Korea 28 survey results show that South Korean people’s support for park Geun hye was 17%, setting a record since its inauguration. Especially after the apology to the people, Pu Jinhui’s support rate was reduced to 14%. "The park Geun hye government is facing a crisis of confidence" hitherto unknown, South Korea "Beijing News" commented xiang. On the evening of 29, tens of thousands of South Korean people and non-governmental organizations held a candlelight vigil in Seoul Cheonggyecheon square, condemned the adverse effects of intervention events brought to the South Korean society. There are a lot of students in the rally, they hold "disappointing" and other slogans to express dissatisfaction. After including the reported non normal way of receiving the daughter of Cui Shunshi school, Ewha women Pu Jinhui’s alma mater, Sogang University)相关的主题文章: