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"That summer" changed files 12.9 Drama Trailer leak crime scene – Sohu – Hu Ge Yan Zhuoling entertainment figures poster poster Song Jia Yan Zhuoling – the relationship between the characters of Sohu entertainment news by Song Jia, Ka Tung Lam, starring Yan Zhuoling, Hu Ge starred in the movie "friendship summer where you were in the" delayed move files for a week, the upcoming December 9th new suspense at the age of. The day before, the film released the story Trailer poster and the relationship between the characters, Song Jia, Yan Zhuoling, Hu Ge three people in the play deep grudges, the interpretation of a crime story of the day walking in the dark. Early viewing insiders commented, the hybridity of crime, kinship, family ethics and many other elements, the expression of the core story there is a people very thin Si fear of malicious, some of the plot and was reminiscent of Keigo Higashino’s masterpiece "reasoning Japanese novelist" white night.     Yan Zhuoling "large scale" challenge "Diablo Lolita" the film tells the story of a young girl Sakura after exotic kidnapped 12 years to return to the family of suspense story. In the play, Hongkong was nominated for the Academy Award, Golden Horse Award for best actress Yan Zhuoling challenge, interpretation of the mystery of the heavy Sakura girl. Yan Zhuoling said that this movie and she played the role of the past are very different, "before playing" dance school "is very happy and very kind of sun, this time is exactly the opposite, very gloomy and depressed feeling, just saw the first draft of the script, I very love Sakura, want to try to interpret the role of darker, larger scale." In order to better enter the role, Yan Zhuoling has done a lot of homework, she specially collected a number of movies and novels about kidnapping to find inspiration. In filming the scene, sometimes she shut herself up shut in a small room inside, so filming directly from the room to the studio to keep the state. She said, you have been thinking in the movie when Sakura was imprisoned by psychology, "the beginning of filming, the scene is particularly quiet, I’ll have your eyes closed a little, my eyes again becomes a cherry." Hu Ge played the villain Diablo interpretation version "Double Killer" in the film, Hu Ge’s interpretation of the villain is particularly looking forward to. He explained that his role is very dark, he is the whole drama of the task is revenge, is to stop the murder, creating one after another crisis." Hu Ge also revealed that the reason with this movie is mainly for two reasons, "the first is that I seldom go to play so negative role, because the character is mostly positive; the second reason is the first time I saw the script, the story gave me a lot of imagination. This killer is not an absolute sense to let the human hate to gnash the bad, many of his motives are the reasons, from a certain point of view, he is also a victim." It is worth mentioning that this drama is also Hu Ge and Song Jia after two years of cooperation again. The two men had previously lakorn "forty-nine – Festival", jointly played a pair of lovers of affliction. However, in this play, the relationship between big reversal, two people said: "Hu Ge was very happy, thinking they can together filming, but did not think this is completely different. The last play is still in love.相关的主题文章: