Taiwan was kidnapped crew of his wife her husband is a DPP but gratitude blue camp – Sohu Military C gigolos

Taiwan kidnapped crew’s wife: husband of the DPP, but Thanksgiving is the blue camp – Sohu with the military channel by Somali pirates hijacked nearly 5 years of chief engineer Shen Ruizhang, the day before yesterday to return to Keelung. Overseas network on 28 October, according to the Taiwan times: "China" reported that the day before, kidnapped by pirates for more than 4 years of Taiwan chief engineer Shen Ruizhang, arrived in Keelung the day before yesterday. It is reported that the kidnapping of chief engineer Shen Ruizhang wife issued 1000 statement, not only criticized the shipping company, the ship owner heartless, her husband also revealed that although the Democratic Progressive Party, but most of all thank you for the blue camp secretly help. According to reports, Shen Ruizhang yesterday (27) morning was helped out of the hotel door, step daughter took a taxi to leave. The daughter said, because his father is weak is not restored, to avoid being disturbed to delay the recovery schedule, in the near future will not return home. Shen wife also confirmed that Shen Ruizhang was taken away by his brother, and refers to her husband’s physical weakness must be properly treated and conditioning. Shen said his wife, after a sleepless night last night, after deliberation, decided to publish a statement about 1000, in addition to more than 4 years experience, journey to rescue her husband. In a statement, thanked the former KMT legislator Cai Zhengyuan, Wei Ge Education Foundation Chairman Li Chuanhong and all the more help, thank a God? "Mr. Lee" to help the rescue; Cai Zhengyuan yesterday confirmed the "Mr. Lee", is his special assistant, former intelligence officer Li Junmin. Thanks to the end after all, Shen’s wife went on to criticize the owner Hong Kaohsiung ruthless, and indifferent attitude after the incident. Shen’s wife wrote in a statement: "we call to the dangerous sea fishing, making a lot of money for him in Kaohsiung, he lived a life of luxury, the poor but had to endure torture Shengburusi pirates." It is understood that Shen’s wife also revealed her husband are members of the Democratic Progressive Party, but by the things you can see, when people have a difficult time, there is no color difference, she was suspected of metaphor to the DPP "legislators" rescue invalid, finally secretly help, was Cai Zhengyuan, Li Junmin, Li Chuan Hong and ARATS vice chairman Wang Xiaobing of the book?.相关的主题文章: