Sugar fried chestnut with sweet scented osmanthus wine, eat the whole autumn – Sohu eat and drink zngay

Sugar fried chestnut with sweet scented osmanthus wine, eat a whole autumn – and Sohu Jiangnan pageant, the most elegant way to eat flowers; in the florilegium, it is best to eat than to eat sweet scented osmanthus; as to the method, I think, maybe it can best embody the wine fragrance, alcohol, thick, thick. So, this season, it is necessary to talk about sweet scented osmanthus wine. The production of sweet scented osmanthus wine has two schools, namely, "stuffed osmanthus" and "sweet scented osmanthus". The former added to the sweet scented osmanthus together with rice fermented, while the latter is a good wine mixed with osmanthus. "High alcohol wine osmanthus", but the taste of fusion implicitly, the fermentation process for volatile aromatic substances in osmanthus fragrance, is insufficient, and the fermentation after flowering has not completely marketable, and need to filter the lees together, not elegant poetry; "osmanthus brew" is because the wine after added fragrant flower seed, bright, good-looking, but low alcohol drinkers, for good, a little damage to the alcohol itself taste level. So the two have different work, but also the regrets. In contrast, stuffed osmanthus because of the difficulty of making relatively high, so the opportunity to eat less. I just tasted a brewed in Suzhou Guangxi agriculture in Wuxian, the wine color is clear and transparent, can not see the traces of osmanthus. Sip, very similar to the ordinary liquor taste. The swallow, can recall a unique sweet and astringent osmanthus. Such a sweet scented osmanthus wine suitable for collocation light dishes, remember the old man ready to Guangxi agriculture a dish of white Calla by a homemade dishes, dipped in sugar, dried meat floss a Steamed Perch for us, and finally finished, also on a dish of rice cake as the staple food of Osmanthus sugar hangover. Today, I still remember the beginning and end of the sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus "food, from A to Z are filled with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, is really beautiful. "Sweet scented osmanthus stuffed" is very easy to do more people, but the difference can be high. Beijing daoxiangcun has sold a "osmanthus sauce", is to get the salt pickled osmanthus syrup. Bring under Rice porridge good, but because of too much salt, eat too salty white?, covering one part of the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. Some people take the red liquor sweet scented osmanthus sauce, not only did not reflect the kind of floral bouquet of sweet scented osmanthus wine interlaced aesthetic, but let the salt osmanthus sauce destroyed the taste of wine, is simply nonsense. The people of Hangzhou compared to more clever, manjuelong Gui Gui tours holy land farmers every season do osmanthus osmanthus wine, mostly brewed liquor glutinous rice, add sugar and wash and dry the fresh sweet scented osmanthus, like Yang Meishao, sealed 35 days will be able to drink, pay attention to, also add some plum. The increase of acidity. Sweetened drinks the sweet osmanthus to bring to the brim, not what dishes, sit in osmanthus trees slowly drink very good taste. Then at the end of a cup of sweet osmanthus is smoked, a cup of West Lake Longjing Tea and the osmanthus West Lake lotus root starch, can spend an afternoon in the past imperceptibly. Shanghai Chongming is also brewing osmanthus worth mentioning, or wash the dry fresh sweet scented osmanthus, the difference is that the pickled osmanthus wine, liquor is not common, but "Chongming old liquor". This alcohol only twelve, he may call "rice wine" or "more accurate.". Color white, taste sweet, and the formation of acid fermentation. The wine itself is enough.相关的主题文章: