Star arrow and launch station are destroyed SpaceX will face a number of severe test (video) e3300

The satellite and the rocket and launcher being ruined SpaceX company will face a number of challenges in September 1, 2016 SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket tragic scene of the explosion of SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket tragic explosion of space – Tencent (Guilin) Beijing time in late September 1st 9, Florida 7, United States fortieth Cana vid angle on launch pad, is preparing for the company space to explore the technology of static ignition testing (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket exploded, and the rocket was destroyed and $200 million, mounted on the top of the rocket Israel Amos-6 communications satellite. In addition the launch tower was damaged, the scene smoke billowing, suffered heavy losses, fortunately no casualties in the accident. After the explosion, Florida, Cape Canaveral, the scene of smoke. The rocket was originally scheduled for launch on Saturday, and today is a static ignition test conducted in accordance with previous practice. SpaceX later confirmed that when preparing for static ignition, the launch pad appeared abnormal and led to the rocket explosion. The accident brought to the loss of SpaceX and reputation negative impact is self-evident. In the early stage of its establishment, the company has experienced several major blow, the accident also makes very influential SpaceX once again fall into the bottom, facing many challenges. SpaceX in the accident 3 hours after the addition of the statement: the launch of a rocket accident occurred similarly. Abnormal from the upper stage of liquid oxygen tank, was according to standard procedures of propellant launch pad, no injuries. SpaceX is checking the data for the cause of the accident. A: a large number of test launch orders was forced to once again postponed SpaceX reputation in June 28th last year, SpaceX launched a falcon rocket, due to helium bottle steel bracket defects, the rocket volley exploded 139 seconds after the disintegration of the accident, cause SpaceX to stop all the tasks in the first half of the subsequent emission. Last year’s launch of the original plan to transport SpaceX cargo dragon spacecraft to the international space station, in contrast, the loss of SpaceX last night, not only the carrying of expensive commercial satellite destroyed, the launch pad to overhaul. After the accident, SpaceX is expected to launch the stagnation time will exceed last year. In addition, the first half of 2016 has revealed that SpaceX will have 17 missions in the year to the end of the year, the need for a 9 launch. After this accident, the next launch delay will also enable the company’s 2017 launch pressure increase, the more large commercial orders affected, some orders had been postponed because last year launch failure for a long time, it will seriously affect the business reputation SpaceX. Musk: after the accident: propellant process appears strange lead to loss of rockets, strange originated from the liquid oxygen tank, the specific reasons still unknown, will soon find out. Test two: since the Rockets reuse and heavy rocket plans or to postpone the recovery since the end of last year, completed the first rocket, more old rocket number and SpaceX recycling storage, to now has 6 pieces, when will these "secondary rocket" again into space has been widely watched. Just yesterday.相关的主题文章: