Shandong procuratorate more than 346 criminal offenders were transferred to more than three months i

Shandong procuratorate: more than 346 criminal offenders were transferred to more than three months in prison – new network 19, Shandong province twelve session of the twenty-third meeting of the Standing Committee held its first plenary meeting. At the meeting, listened to the provincial people’s Procuratorate report on the implementation of the province’s procuratorial organs supervision of punishment. It is understood that after the 2012 revision of the criminal procedure law to criminal sentenced to prison conditions by leaving more than punishment of less than one year to three months of age, the implementation of procuratorial organs in-depth lawangshi, found that more than three months above the criminal punishment of 346 people, all transferred to prison execution supervision. Public reports, media reports, prosecutors found clues to a major channel. It is understood that the procuratorial organs smooth supervision of sources of clues, through judicial investigators, the masses, media reports and other means of delivery in the execution of penalty found signs of problems, starting from a people’s letters last year, to replace illegal places of detention, convicted escape should be sent to prison execution situation of comprehensive verification, inspection on delivery list, one by one and the data found in custody, custody change, to correct random execution does not regulate the convicted 245 people. The "right" and "the rich" crime "right to ransom" and "early release from prison", reflecting the strong public. Of particular concern is that the procuratorial organs of the duty crime, financial crime, criminal gangs three criminals penalty to change the implementation of strict supervision system, supervision of each registration filing are places serving, investigation of commutation amplitude, short time interval, the probation period is long by people to meet the above, the original county level crimes criminals to change the implementation of the inter layer by case filing, review has three types of criminals commutation, parole, temporary probation cases 15963, 114 pieces of advice to correct the illegal situation, 48 people imprisoned execution. Commutation, parole, temporary probation and other fields, are prone to problems. According to reports, scoring assessment, reward, condition identification of the procuratorial organs careful review of criminals, found doubt take conversation with himself, to understand the insider, consult the files and other measures, one by one investigation to verify correct score, and other aspects of the problem 57 for resort to deceit. And also establish and improve the commutation, parole, temporary probation supervision mechanism, supervising and correcting improper commutation, parole, temporary probation 979.相关的主题文章: