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The sale of 26.98-32.98 million Honda crown road officially listed Sohu automobile Sohu [] Guangzhou Honda crown car new car on October 29, 2016 officially listed, the initial listing of models introduced 5 subdivision configuration, the guide price of 26.98-32.98 million yuan, are equipped with 2.0T turbo direct injection engine, and some models of the optional four-wheel drive system. As GAC Honda’s first medium-sized SUV, crown road using CONCEPT D concept car design concept, 2.0T power and 9AT gearbox from ZF is the first show in china. Crown road to Highlander, sharp boundary for the opponent, and equipped with 1.5T engine models will be launched in March 2017, the price of 220 thousand yuan. · [] leadership guests took pictures of · models; detailed appearance: Guangzhou Honda crown with the family of the latest " DYNAMIC ELEGANCE" design concept, the overall presentation of the popular " X" type, grille and headlights is presented for flying wing structure. The front fog lamp group includes the lower, all by LED as a light source, a strong sense of science and technology, in order to cooperate with the front of the " heavy " design, the rear lines of the same horizontal outline processing, taillights with open eye double C stereo design, light source with LED. Body size, Honda crown road length and width and height are respectively 48161942 1669mm, wheelbase 2820mm, which will be listed on the TOYOTA and Buick Highlander, keangkewei models of competition. Although the wheelbase and car looks than a rival, but the crown road did not provide 7 models, but by the 5 seat layout for the rear passengers to create a more comfortable ride, and boot space performance is remarkable. Interior: the crown road using a two color interior, and the appearance of different sports, interior to create a comfortable and luxurious style. The shape of T console in most regions with the plastic process structure, dashboard using electronic screen and mechanical instrument combination, rich information display. Three multifunction steering wheel is changed to the latest Honda family style, which controls the tilt angle of the screen can be adjusted to facilitate the operation of the driver. Power: crown road in advance will be equipped with 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine, the maximum power of 272 horsepower, a maximum torque of 370 cattle · m, with matching is a 9 speed automatic transmission, can be said that the dynamic parameters of the leading level. In addition, the crown road is expected to be launched in 2017 1.5T models, it is expected that it will use 1.5T turbocharged direct injection engine +CVT gearbox combination. Edit comment: Honda crown road has a longer wheelbase than the TOYOTA Highlander, at the time of publication of a lot of people are surprised why it didn’t launch the 7 seat version, but the coupe SUV attitude came to the front. In fact the crown road.相关的主题文章: