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Oil spill emergency disposal will be institutionalized — energy — people.com.cn newspaper Beijing on 11 September,     (reporter Zhang Cong) reporter from the State Council Legislative Affairs Office was informed that: in the days before the public comments to the community of the "People’s Republic of China offshore oil exploration and development environmental protection regulations (revised draft)", increase the content of oil spill on the perfect deal with the accident, clearly requires the establishment of emergency disposal mechanism of oil spill accident. It is understood that the current regulations lack of specific provisions for emergency disposal of oil spill accidents, in accident prevention, emergency preparedness, emergency response, accident investigation and other provisions lack, therefore need to be combined with the actual situation of offshore oil exploration and development, the establishment of oil spill emergency disposal mechanism. In addition, the draft also strengthen the exploration of the developer’s responsibility for environmental protection, marine environmental protection as a legal obligation to explore developers. At the same time, the draft in terms of supervision and management also requires increased public participation efforts, in addition to the provisions relating to state secrets cases, the report of environmental impacts of exploration should be announced to the public for developers, public and fully solicit the views of the parties, or the competent department shall not accept; the competent departments in the review of environmental impact report. By soliciting public opinions, hearings and other forms, to further listen.   (commissioning editor: Du Yanfei, Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: