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National human rights action plan released: China will develop detention center, according to Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the national human rights action plan (2016 – 2020) issued. The action plan was compiled by the Information Office of the State Council and the Ministry of foreign affairs to determine the objectives and tasks of respect, protection and promotion of human rights from 2016 to 2020. The plan pointed out that by 2020, the average life expectancy increased by 1 years. Action plan that, since 2009, the state has implemented two human rights action plan. Increase the protection of human rights China government efforts, to further improve the level and quality of people’s life, economic, social and cultural rights has been comprehensively strengthened, civil rights and political rights are effectively protected, the whole society to respect and safeguard human rights awareness significantly enhance the international exchanges and cooperation in human rights development, cause Chinese socialism human rights to a new level. Comprehensive protection of economic, social and cultural rights. Generally improve the level and quality of people’s life; improve the public service system, improve service level; the full implementation of poverty alleviation, the current standard all the poor people out of poverty; effective protection of property rights; improve the overall quality of ecological environment; to make more fair development opportunities, the fruits of development to benefit all the people more equal, so that all the people in sharing in the development of more feel. Protecting civil rights and political rights in accordance with the law. Strict regulation of fair and civilized law enforcement, the protection of the citizen’s personal rights and dignity; improve the level of judicial justice, protect the litigant right to a fair trial; perfecting the socialist democratic politics, smooth and innovative channels, promote the citizen’s right to know, the right of participation, right of expression and the full realization of the right of supervision. Per capita life expectancy increased 1 year old action plan to establish and improve the basic medical and health system covering urban and rural residents, to 2020, the average life expectancy increased by 1 years. According to the action plan, China will continue to improve the basic medical and health services. Focus on the central and western regions, the focus of each county run 1 – 2 county-level public hospitals (including County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine), grassroots medical and health institutions standardized construction rate of more than 95%. To create 30 minutes of primary health care services. To strengthen and standardize the training of residents, the total number of doctors per million population reached 2, the number of practicing (Assistant) doctors per thousand population reached 2.5. Action plan also pointed out the need to strengthen the prevention and control of major diseases. Accelerate the construction of national and provincial comprehensive prevention and control of chronic disease demonstration area, a significant chronic disease mortality rate decreased by 10%. The incidence of tuberculosis was reduced to 58 / 100 thousand. To reduce the risk of HBV infection rate of the whole population, the AIDS epidemic in the low prevalence level, the basic elimination of schistosomiasis, malaria, eliminate the harm of leprosy. To strengthen the diagnosis of severe mental disorders, follow-up management services, management of patients with severe mental disorders reached 85%. China will develop the detention center law action plan pointed out that the detention center will be developed to enhance the rights of detainees in the legislative level, improve the supporting laws and regulations and rules and regulations. The action plan points out that it is necessary to regulate the law enforcement and judicial acts involving citizens. Take measures to prevent torture to extract confessions. To regulate the place of supervision and safeguard the rights of all kinds of persons subject to restrictions on personal freedom相关的主题文章: