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Japanese media: 14 South Koreans claim in favor of MITSUBISHI heavy case will receive compensation for the original title: Japanese media: 14 South Koreans claim in favor of MITSUBISHI heavy industries will receive compensation in new network on 25 August, according to South Korean media reports, South Korea for the families of the victims to 14 South Koreans in the Pacific War from the Korean Peninsula has been to MITSUBISHI heavy industry Hiroshima machinery manufacturing (located in Hiroshima) and was forced to engage in excessive labor sued MITSUBISHI claims case, the Seoul Central District Court 25, the plaintiff, require the company to pay 9000 per person to Wan Hanyuan (about 540 thousand yuan). According to the law firm, 14 South Koreans have been forced to work in the manufacturing industry since 1944, and suffered an atomic bomb in August 1945. It is reported that the company at the end of the war did not arrange for them to return to the Korean Peninsula, after the back also suffer from health problems from the suspected nuclear explosion. Reported that the 14 men had been to Japan in 1974 the old ministry chief notice (No. 402 notice) is not approved to overseas victims of illegal subsidies paid health management sued the Japanese government made a ruling state compensation of the 2005 Hiroshima high court judgement for the plaintiff, the kidnapping and murder of labour to be found in a nuclear explosion. The verdict in 2007 in the Supreme Court of japan. At that time are still alive, 1 men and 13 of the survivors, late July 2013 filed a lawsuit to the Seoul Central District court. According to lawyers, the man died in March 2015. The Japanese government claims that South Korea’s personal claims due to the 1965 agreement on the rights and interests of Japan and South Korea, but the South Korean Supreme Court ruled in May 2012 that the right to personal claims did not disappear due to the agreement. In the case of Japanese enterprises as the object of this kind of litigation and the plaintiff in favor of the judgment has emerged. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: