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Here is hidden in the hundred year history of the ancient village restaurant. Sohu and Dongguan rare like a land of idyllic beauty villages far like Xiang, deep, only a restaurant is worth exploring how often do not know where to go for dinner with the family. Maybe it is a good choice of the protagonist: people Nanshe this is not "antique"? Living in Dongguan for many years you may not know that there are more than and 800 years of history of ancient villages is still preserved, from the village to the end, seems to break into the Peach Garden. The dark grey walls and narrow street brick trail, although the old times is still filled with a trace of history. From the alley has been going inside, is a village house, every hang lanterns, I have a kind of feeling of dreaming of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Walk in the brick, occasionally there are several frogs from your feet over here… A brick, without any pretense, there is a picturesque this is a shop only? Thought just a scenic area, that alley has such a store, hidden deep. Many people will be surprised, "there is also a place to eat." This restaurant, also let a lot of people come here especially for this purpose. The store has many separate dining room, not like the hotel restaurant as noisy, can comfortably and one family to eat a meal, talk about. With the family to come here to enjoy the scenery, I do not need to worry about where to eat, there are. Here is a nostalgic style tableware with cock bowl, is full of flavor. Media coverage of the store also has a lot of media coverage reported here, even CCTV had to shoot. Dongguan is a rare feature of culture. Time will be gone, but here the rows of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient ancestral temple and a hundred years old banyan tree still quietly lying in the dust of history… The main vegetable farming restaurant? Several buildings after repair and renovation of old residential buildings, small courtyard open room, several private main dishes. Just past the time when it was evening, just to see a lot of one family dinner scene, talking of the child adults laughing, feel very warm. The people this is authentic peasant food without the menu, according to the set for your food per capita just ask what you don’t have no choice, so there is a lot of people say that individual carp cooking to eat this, like white. Now rare carp eat rice, the last time when I heard this dish forgot what time is. Here is full of carp cooking material and thick fish float out, a bowl is sufficient enough. The per capita basic dishes will have this dish, don’t be afraid to eat Oh ~ five flavor goose is selected local goose, plus special sauce? The goose will be more crisp, tender skin. Fishing point very fragrant sauce in Steamed Rice, very well with rice. To say how special this dish, in fact, is not, that is, a simple dish can make you even in the outside can enjoy the choice of home cooking相关的主题文章: