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He used 20 years children’s aesthetic experience to tell you how to open children’s creativity – this is mother Sohu — Dr. Xie Chongqiao Tsinghua Academy of fine arts teacher to the children’s parents and teachers engaged in children’s art education books. He spent nearly 20 years of children’s aesthetic experience, to share with you: how to cultivate children’s creativity? How does art education benefit children’s creativity? Teachers and parents in the specific art education should be how to effectively protect and expand the child’s creativity? …… The removal of some of the chapter titles, is not exactly what you want to know? Where does creativity come from? Creativity is not taught the appearance of art education for children of their children to attend the picture art grading ideal school in the direction of the child’s drawing, adults how to read? Don’t ignore the imagination and creativity of children’s graffiti in 5000 years after the world, you know? Visit the Pacific Ocean World garden is square park is round chopsticks imagine my little Farber – sericulture insect observation and children’s children did not take pictures of "children draw the worst" dialogue as a parent, you dare to admit their children "weak"? Is not the art of cooking…… In this book, Xie quotes a lot of kids writing class in his works as a legend. These childish paintings, you can see its beauty? Open the book and listen to what the teacher said. [author]: Dr. Xie Chongqiao, Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, a member of the American Society of education. 19 years old, began to contact the child in teaching. The after-school art class for rural primary school children took to the colorful world; traveled to a number of domestic city and United States and many European countries, founded with the spirit of Bauhaus children’s art space. Happy weekend parent-child APP exclusive sale Chongqiao Xie teacher "picture like". Format: 32 pages: 304 price: 68 note: Mainland shipping, except in remote areas of Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan etc.. Remote areas such as the parents want to buy, please call 18515499775 WeChat consulting specific postage.相关的主题文章: