Explosive cs75 buying! You can’t buy it again. clazziquai

Explosive CS75 buying! You don’t buy too late and tough temperament, SUV. A free soul man in Car Buying would choose SUV. Recently SUV market continued to heat up, two-child policy is to let the large space become household car preferred SUV. Now all the major brands of various SUV models to market is becoming saturated, pay attention to the efficiency of the man would Tiao, then, what a SUV should start? We are buying which SUV sales is the most important indicator of the quality of the test car. SUV models on the market beyond count, all in which one to buy? By visiting a number of Changan automobile 4S shop, many sales staff have mentioned the same SUV models – Changan CS75. Basic to the shop customers will consult this car, we are very good evaluation of it, the appearance of fashion, spacious space, open a face!" A salesperson said.   since 2014, CS75 has been one of the best-selling models of Changan automobile, its excellent product quality has been recognized by the market. From the outside, Changan CS75 full of power and the sense of motion, body lines relatively tough, the entire body is more harmonious and beautiful, very much in line with the Chinese aesthetic. In space, the length width of CS75 is higher than many rivals. As a compact SUV, Changan CS75 wheelbase 2700, laid the body wide space for quiet comfort, family travel, family and friends get together to provide a comfortable ride experience. In power, CS75 equipped with 2.0L 1.8T engine, strong dynamic performance, whether it is for a city or off-road ride, the occupants can always bring a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Coupled with the recent Changan automobile greatly promotions, many cars were bought in Changan CS75. Shortly before the announcement of the August car sales charts, Changan CS75 entered the August SUV sales top ten, achieved sales of nearly 15 thousand vehicles, an increase of 16.4%, growth of 122.9%, entered a popular period in advance. May not miss the car discount! The golden nine silver ten, 9 and October has been the most favorable time to Car Buying. Changan automobile in order to consolidate market share, to repay the new and old customers, the introduction of the heart · action promotional activities. Now buy Changan CS75, enjoy four good manners, good faith, real faiths. A gift: a subsidy of 9000 yuan. Credit Car Buying Changan automobile CS75 Car Buying, loan discount 9000 yuan, equivalent to Car Buying completely interest free credit. This not only reduces the threshold of buying a car, but also allow consumers to enjoy more concessions. Double gift: purchase tax subsidies 6000 yuan. In terms of the purchase tax, Changan CS75 also provides consumers with a value of 6000 yuan purchase tax subsidies good manners to reduce the burden on consumers to buy a car. Three heavy gift: used car replacement can receive 4000-10000 yuan subsidy. Changan CS75 for the replacement of the used car users launched special value replacement ceremony – which, non Changan brand replacement CS75 replacement 4000 yuan!相关的主题文章: