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Experts: the United States on the East Turkistan Islamic movement and attitude change favorable Sino US counter-terrorism cooperation in the group of twenty summit held in September 4th to 5 in Hangzhou. 3, Chinese President Xi Jinping and President of the United States since 2013, held the eighth meeting, which is also the last time in his term of office of China’s visit to China in the last eight years, the first time in the past years. The two sides around the Sino US relations and major international and regional and global issues of common concern in-depth, candid and constructive exchanges, reached a series of agreements and achievements, important progress has also been made in the field of military military relations, counter-terrorism cooperation, peacekeeping cooperation etc.. Military expert Zhang Junshe told reporter in an interview that the heads of the Hangzhou meeting, the two sides to further contribute to the construction of the conflict is not confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win new relations between big powers and compatible with the new military relations, to safeguard regional and world peace and stability, has very important significance. Two promote mutual trust mechanism construction to avoid mistaken criterion of officials of the Ministry of foreign affairs, the two sides reached consensus on major meetings and achievements, involved in military relations, the two sides reaffirmed their joint commitment to the implementation of the two military leaders consensus, strengthen strategic dialogue, deepen pragmatic cooperation, strengthen risk management, to avoid accidents, and promote Sino US military the relationship between the sustained and smooth development. The two sides reaffirmed the positive and strictly implement the defense ministry signed a memorandum of two mutual trust mechanism, namely "mutual notification of major military action mechanism" and "air meet safe conduct". The two sides agreed to visit the United States in 2016 when the China Navy held joint exercises to meet safety standards of behavior using air as the theme and research activities. Sino US relations before the first meeting of the U.S. dollar in Hangzhou, experienced a wave of waves caused by the arbitration case in the South China sea. In the United States on the South China Sea and other issues continue to put pressure on the China under the background of Sino US dialogue mechanism in managing differences, reduce tensions, to achieve their own acts of self restraint and promote pragmatic cooperation in other fields has played a positive role. Zhang Junshe believes that in recent years, increasing U.S. intervention in the South China Sea issue to repeatedly send ships and planes to the South China Sea called cruise, exacerbating tensions in the region, and the risk of accidents caused by misunderstanding misjudgment. In June 2013, the two heads of state meeting have reached a consensus, and constantly promote the new Sino US relations among major powers and the construction of the new Sino US military relations and the construction of two, including promoting the mutual trust mechanism, namely "mutual notification of major military action mechanism" and "sea air meet safe conduct". Especially the sea to meet the safety code of conduct ", is actually a Sino US military rule with two ships near the machine and consensus, this guidance for both front-line troops and proper disposal of sea and air, ship machine operation, ensure the safety of both sides to avoid misunderstandings miscarriage of justice play a positive role. "Of course, fundamental measures to prevent air accidents between China and the United States met events, is still the United States should be reduced or stopped in the China islands nearby sea airspace reconnaissance, patrol activities." Zhang Junshe said. Understanding the strategic intent of the two sides to build a new type of military relations in the middle of the first meeting reached a consensus, the two sides stressed the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides to enhance mutual trust and expand common interests.相关的主题文章: