Chinese scientists in Hefei for the first time quantum teleportation nibbuns

China scientists for the first time in Hefei to realize quantum teleportation: the original title China scientists for the first time in Hefei to realize quantum teleportation of quantum teleportation is an important means of communication transmission of quantum state, generally speaking, is the quantum information encoding in photons from a location remote transmission to another place. "People’s Daily" reported on September 20th, the day before the cooperation of University of Science & Technology China professor Pan Jianwei, Zhang Qiang and other relevant units in the Hefei metropolitan area, quantum communication experiment online for the first time quantum state quantum entanglement distribution between the independent source of teleportation in advance. The results of the study published online September 19th in the British "nature photonics" on ·. Quantum and Canadian research team published on the same day the teleportation experiment results. These two independent studies have shown that the quantum teleportation of the inter city network is technically feasible, which lays a solid foundation for the future construction of scalable quantum networks. Data figure: Pan Jianwei (in) and the team of Zhang Qiang introduced, quantum communication mainly through the existing quantum key for classical information transmission is encrypted, along with the development of technology, quantum secure communication will eventually realize the transmission of quantum information, quantum teleportation is expected to greatly improve the safety of Internet connection and strength through the optical fiber network. However, it is necessary to use the optical fiber network to carry out the long distance quantum teleportation, and the light source of the two light sources will not be different after long distance transmission. It is reported that quantum teleportation (Quantum teleportation), also known as quantum teleportation, quantum teleportation, quantum teleportation, quantum teleportation and quantum remote, is a use of dispersed quantum entanglement with some physical information (physical information) conversion to transmit quantum state to any distance technology. Is a new way of communication. It is no longer the transmission of quantum information of quantum states with classical information but, with the help of quantum entanglement in quantum state transfer, to be experienced as science fiction in the depiction of the "super space transmission", mysteriously disappeared in one place, do not need to carry any carrier, mysteriously appeared in another place. It must be noted that quantum teleportation does not transmit any matter or energy. Such techniques are quite helpful in quantum information and quantum computing. However, this is not the way to transfer the traditional information, and therefore can not be used in superluminal communication. Quantum teleportation has nothing to do with what is generally referred to as the instantaneous movement – a quantum teleportation cannot convey the system itself, nor can it be used to arrange molecules to form objects at the other end. In December 11, 2015, the British Institute of physics, sponsored by the "physical world" (Physics World) announced ten major breakthrough in the 2015 annual international physics research, University of Science & Technology China professor Pan Jianwei, Lu Zhaoyang and other "multi degree of freedom quantum teleportation" topped the list; pioneering research institute of physical Chinese party loyalty, Weng Hongming with the outside the selected Erfeimi.相关的主题文章: