Children want to study abroad personal qualities must be strong

Children want to study abroad personal qualities must be strong in recent years, foreign students to study the news from time to time. A variety of reasons, may be self-control is not enough, may not be strong enough independence, it may be social skills, poor adaptability. Thus…… Do not underestimate the ability of self-control to resist the temptation is very important for students to go abroad, will face a variety of temptation. There are often students because of the temptation to go astray. Therefore, in the face of foreign world, students need to have some self-control. In today’s overseas students, there are some due to poor self-control and neglect their studies. Liu Dongming is now studying at the Ohio State University, he has a lot of students around him. "A lot of male students because of indulging in online games, all day long stay at home and play games; some boys over indulging in various games, such as basketball, football etc.. Some girls like to make up, spend a lot of time and money on make-up and cosmetics. They spend a lot of energy and time on these things, but ignore the study." Liu Dongming said, "some Chinese students love hold together, often a few Chinese together to form a small group. This small group if one or two do not love learning, playing, in its lead, a small group of people will often go out to play together, so as to delay their studies." Some students spend a lot of time on other things, it will affect their studies. Because in foreign universities, courses, homework is also a lot, and the school curriculum requirements are more stringent. If a student does not go to the first class, then he will be eligible for the course of the class will be canceled Professor, of course, will not get credit. Liu Dongming said, if it could not resist the temptation, the sex is easy to neglect their studies. Therefore, students must have a certain degree of self-control, know how to manage and restrain themselves. The ability to work hard to encourage friends is also critical for students studying abroad alone, inevitably eat bitter. They often feel lonely. The more lonely, the more homesick, Miss domestic relatives and friends. Especially during the holidays to call home, some students and parents chatting is a wail. "Everyone has to stand alone. We must be tough enough, not defeated. Usually make some friends, can encourage each other, encourage, and common progress." Li Jia (a pseudonym) is now studying in France, she said, do not lose yourself, do not forget the original intention of studying abroad." When he first arrived in France, Li Jia felt stressed. Because at that time not only need to take care of their lives on a variety of chores, learning pressure is also great. She also saw some students because of unbearable pressure to live and learn to choose to give up. "But life is a sour, sweet, bitter, hot. We should be strong enough! Do not waste the youth, to a good parents." Li Jia said. Many students in order to help their parents to share economic pressure, usually do some part-time jobs. They go out to work at school at night; others rest at home on weekends, and after they finish their homework, they have to take a bike to do part-time jobs. "Especially in the cold winter.相关的主题文章: