Changsha, a boy accidentally fall, parents are not at home to entrust girlfriends care dingxiangwuyuetian

A Changsha boy accidentally fall dead parents not at home to look after the principal bestie in late November 8th, a boy near Changsha Furong square fall dead, parents are not at home. The boy fell from the 10 floor window accident. Red Net News (November 8th Changsha time news reporter Liu Songhui correspondent Wu Sijing) today at 6:35 in the afternoon, Changsha Furong square near the Manhattan Company Building, a boy from the 10 floor fall death. Nearby residents said the mother of the child to take care of the bestie, regret is bestie nor in children. Manhattan Company Building is a commercial and residential building, the highest 22. Zhou Chiyao people work in the building, Ms. Zhou said, was just walked to the first floor, suddenly I heard the child fell down. I said a week pool, muffled boy fell to the ground, head is full of blood. Because it was raining, the property company’s security will be the boy into the building, another crowd of female citizens with a scarf covering. At 8:50 in the evening, when journalists arrived and found, the police are in the lobby, the boy’s body will hold on to the car, transported from the building. The boy falls place in the southwest of the building corner, fell in a private car on the ground. "Just next to a woman passing by, startled." The building of a security guard said. The boy falls after parents has not appeared, the staff and the police only by knocking investigation, only locked in a club on the 10 floor of skin management. Property staff query the club’s telephone number, contact the boy’s parents. "Children do homework at home, parents back home in Loudi, gave (mother) bestie in care." Nearby residents Mr. Huang said, after the incident, a woman crying from the outside back to the mansion, "should be the child’s mother bestie." Mr. Huang said, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the building in a few minutes, but the children have been killed, 7 years old this year. At present, the specific reasons under investigation.

长沙一男童意外坠亡 父母不在家委托闺蜜照看   11月8日晚,长沙芙蓉广场附近一男童坠亡,父母不在家。   男孩从10楼的窗户边意外摔下。   红网长沙11月8日讯(时刻新闻记者 刘颂辉 通讯员 吴思静)今天下午6点35分,长沙芙蓉广场附近的曼哈顿大厦,一名男孩从10楼坠亡。附近居民称,其母亲将孩子交给闺蜜照顾,遗憾是事发时闺蜜也未在孩子身边。   曼哈顿大厦是一幢商住两用楼,最高有22层。市民周池肴在该大厦上班,周女士称,当时正好下班走到一楼,突然听说有孩子摔下来。   周池肴称,男孩摔到地上时发出一声闷响,头上满是鲜血。由于正下着雨,物业公司的保安将男孩抱进大楼里,另一名围观女市民拿围巾盖住。   晚上8点50分,时刻新闻记者赶到发现,警方正在进楼大厅,将男孩的尸体抱上车,运离大厦。男孩坠楼地点在该大厦的西南角,摔在一台私家车后的地面上。“旁边刚好有个女的路过,吓了一跳。”该大楼一名保安称。   男孩坠楼以后,父母一直没有出现,工作人员和警方只能通过逐层敲门排查,才锁定在10楼的一家皮肤管理会所。   物业工作人员查询该会所的电话号码,联系上男孩的父母。“小孩在家做作业,父母都回了娄底老家,交给(母亲的)闺蜜在照顾。”附近居民黄先生称,事发后一名女子哭着从外面回到大厦,“应该就是孩子母亲的闺蜜。”   黄先生称,120急救车在几分钟之内赶到大厦,但孩子已经不幸身亡,今年7岁。目前,具体原因正在调查之中。相关的主题文章: