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Bordeaux winery owner trafficking millions of bottles of wine, this is how? A Sohu and winery owner in Bordeaux, due to a number of large supermarkets sell more than one million bottles of "fake" prosecuted, recently court sentenced him guilty, fined 7 million 800 thousand euros (about 58 million 500 thousand yuan)! The village name is Franç ois-Marie Marret, from Bordeaux to a wealthy family, he has a number of wineries in France, all inherited from his uncle. Under the name Marret Châ teaus des winery include: Tours the second half of 2012, the French customs officers in Franç ois-Marie Marret the name of the cellar seized nearly 820 thousand liters of "fake", if the conversion into a 750 ml bottle of standard bottles, which is equivalent to more than 1 million bottles of fake Wine. Marret was charged with cheap entry-level bulk wine producing areas of high grade Wine posing as well-known, and earn high profits through oem. In other words, Marret in the name of his name winery sold high priced wine, are unknown sources of inferior products. The wine was sold to France a number of large supermarket chain. Marret I missed hearing by the lawyer Vé ronique; the Vouin proxy statement in addition to Marret, there are a number of wine merchant was sentenced to penalties ranging from 8 to 18 months of probation. 3 grape farmers who offered cheap wine to Marret were sentenced to a suspended sentence of 6 months and a fine of up to $12 thousand and 500. In the period from 2011 to 2012, Marret sold 800 thousand euros worth of counterfeit products. Marret said he was not satisfied with such harsh punishment, he would continue to appeal. The history of mismanagement, Castle this fall under Marret winery, including dates back to the fourteenth Century Châ teau des Tours, France’s famous historical castle, but in Marret over 5 years after its Wine production fell sharply, the castle has long been lost, operating conditions are very bad. Châ teau des Tours castle is overgrown with weeds, damaged, people sigh. Foreign friends even launched on the Facebook save Châ teau des Tours advocacy activities. Because the yield is too low, Marret had to entrust with brokers and Lataste wine grape farmers collusion, inferior to Wine posing as a famous wine, and then sold to supermarket chains such as Auchan and Intermarché. French customs investigators said the counterfeit part of poor quality, does not meet the criteria listed for sale. Add red wine personal micro signal: 961589888 bar相关的主题文章: