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Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet highway Tangmai "crash" thoroughfare of Sichuan Tibet highway: Tangmai "crash" change thoroughfare [comment] in October, is located in Linzhi Tibet along the Sichuan Tibet highway Tangmai rainy, but "reaching the territory of Bomi road, and the crash" there is no past congestion and adventure the new tunnel, and across the palongcangbu River on Matt Tong Bridge, so once the "crash" has turned into a thoroughfare, Sichuan Tibet line of "Death Road" has ceased to exist. The same period [] (two traffic police detachment three battalion (Wang Faming) before the end of 2015) for the 318 line Tangmai bridge, mainly rely on the second bridge temporary steel bridge pat to pass, when traffic conditions and road conditions are relatively poor, the bridge’s bearing only 20 tons. All the staff of this large vehicle passing vehicles, more than 20 tons can not go, we are soldiers in both sides of the bridge 24 hours on duty, responsible for bridge safety and maintenance, including the usual our past passenger’s life safety, guide them safely through the bridge. [comment] Sichuan Tibet highway east of Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, west of Tibet, capital of Lhasa, a total length of more than 3 thousand km. Two armed police detachment traffic is China history a road maintenance force, formed in October 1996 so far, they always adhere to the "throat" section of Sichuan Tibet highway, is responsible for the Zhubalong to East long bridge 782.5 km road maintenance tasks for the safety of life and property insurance, "escort" past visitors and people along, has gone so far 20 years of ups and downs. The same period [] (two traffic police detachment three battalion Wang Faming) we express this new bridge after the bridge is our permanent steel concrete bridge, after the completion of the weight greatly increases its total weight, it can load 400 tons, so that both sides of the road was repaired, we have Tangmai natural barrier a tunnel, including 102 landslides hit the tunnel, from (end of 2015), Pailong Tangmai natural barrier of our natural barrier, the 102 landslide group is no longer "crash", all of our passengers are very smoothly through the dangerous areas, road traffic conditions greatly improved. [comment] two armed police detachment traffic on the ground 20 anniversary, the reporter arrived at the end point from the Sichuan Tibet line Lhasa Palongzangbu River, on the road to Tibet, picturesque "heaven" on the vehicle across the palongcangbu River on the The stream never stops flowing., and three new and old bridges, seemed to tell passers three different period. The story changes happened here in the traffic conditions and the traffic capacity of the past. The same period [] (Matt Tong Bridge on duty monitor Bi Changchun) December 2009 when I came here, the road is all dirt road, poor road, and 14 km roads are narrow, the unilateral Tangmai bridge type passes well, so the capacity is limited, often traffic jam, but also because there is a 102 decline in Bomi direction and the direction of the 14 group, 81 km road, are two major areas, often prone to landslides, debris flow, will bring pressure on capacity. [commentary] according to the road相关的主题文章: