Beijing second-hand housing transactions once again heating up supply and demand led to price increa roxane hayward

Secondary housing transactions in Beijing, coupled with the contradiction between supply and demand led to the rise in housing prices accounted for 80% of the market in a short time after the cold, Beijing second-hand housing market has recently shown a warming trend. At the end of August, Beijing second-hand housing turnover continued to rise, once again returned to the top 25 thousand sets. With the buyers have entered the market, the seller once again occupy a strong position, the proportion of housing prices increased gradually. Some just need to just change the crowd shot, asset allocation shortage, the property market is expected to tighten policy and other factors to boost the secondary housing market uplink. Hot deal, long process in August of second-hand residential net signed 25670 units, an increase of 15% over July; Fengtai, Chaoyang from tax to transfer to three or four months. The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee data show that the first week of September (8.29-9.4) Beijing second-hand residential net signed 6604 units, far more than in July and August each week, the net signed in August 31st 1782 sets of second-hand housing, the same as the single day since July. In fact, the real estate registration center in Beijing from various regions of the situation can be seen in this period of time the secondary housing market heat. According to an intermediary broker in Fangzhuang region, the current second-hand housing transactions from the tax transfer to at least 1 and a half months, if it is a loan purchase, the entire transfer process down, is expected to take about 3 months. In the current second-hand housing transaction volume is the largest in Chaoyang District, according to the intermediary agent, because too many people make an appointment, second-hand housing business basically has no reservation row until October, the entire process to go down to three or four months. This August, Beijing second-hand housing transactions have exceeded the high market trend in March and April. According to Albert I love my family Research Institute of statistics, August Beijing second-hand housing a total net signed 25670 units, an increase of 15% compared to July. The reporter also found that second-hand housing market in Changping, Dongcheng, Fengtai district is very active. At the same time, feedback mechanism, profit 2008, Yuanyangshanshui, decimating another city, Lincoln Park and other areas have high degree of concern in August. In the multi month turnover ascribed the background, this year the total turnover of second-hand housing can not be underestimated. Albert I love my family institute according to the Construction Committee public statistics, the first eight months of this year, Beijing second-hand housing transactions 183 thousand and 500 units, compared with the same period last year rose 46.1%, the highest since 2010 (the year 127 thousand) high. Sell one to buy active demand to improve the secondary housing market, the city’s six district trading volume increased by 20%-46%. It is worth noting that the improvement of property buyers still as the main support of the market in August, the second-hand housing market rebound. According to agency data show that in August second-hand housing turnover of the housing structure, the proportion of two rooms to become the main market turnover of 51.3% units, which accounted for a small proportion of transactions rose in July. "Vacate the purchasing power of the crowd and financial strength is relatively limited, so in the case of high prices, which can meet the needs of improvement of the housing price is relatively low in the two rooms and small Sanju become the most popular purchase crowd favorite apartment layout." Albert I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis. At the same time, due to the tight supply of new homes, urban facilities relatively mature second-hand housing also attracted some just need.相关的主题文章: