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The baby have a fever how health care – Sohu under normal circumstances, when the baby have a fever, if the disease is diagnosed, the parents do not confound, adherence to treatment can be according to the doctor’s method, now some parents saw fever is worried, asked the doctor: fever, three infusion, oral antibiotics, and even some parents regardless of illness, shanzizuozhu for children antibiotics, this is not desirable. Here, parents should be aware that fever is not a disease, is a symptom, is a manifestation of the body against diseases, from the perspective of Chinese medicine is the body of righteousness (immunity) and exotic pathogens (disease) resistance performance. Therefore, the doctor has a clear diagnosis of the disease and carried out the relevant treatment, the parents should not be too afraid of fever this phenomenon, the right to care for children with fever and close observation can be. The fever child resistance drops, if fever lasts for a long time or temperature is too high, can make the body protein, fat, vitamin consumption and metabolic disorders, organ dysfunction, high fever can also cause febrile convulsion. So the heat of the child must be good care, so that the child safely through the heat period, in order to promote their early recovery. 1 pay attention to the rest of the children had better stay in bed, which can reduce energy consumption, reduce muscle activity and heat production. Recovery helps children ". Fever is often accompanied by sweating, should promptly wipe with a dry towel or change wet clothes, to prevent the cold. More than and 2 when drinking water fast breathing, evaporation of water, so to replenish moisture. Drink plenty of water can also promote more urination, urination is conducive to cooling and excretion of toxins. Best to drink warm boiling water, conducive to sweating, also can choose salt boiling water, don’t drink instead of drinking water. Some babies get sick is not love to drink water, then parents can take a small number of service frequency method, especially taking antipyretics, only drinking water can help sweating to antipyretic effect. 3 diet fever children hand consumption, on the other hand is weakened because of illness gastrointestinal digestion, so pay attention to provide them with food to both nutritious and easy to digest. Have a fever when the diet should be light and delicious, do not eat Feiganhouwei food, if the child does not have a method of appetite can be used small meals, not because of eating less forced feeding children to eat. 4 ventilation room air circulation, preferably in the summer to reduce some of the room temperature, which helps the body heat conduction radiation cooling, is conducive to cooling. Winter is the season of high incidence of respiratory disease, should pay more attention to ventilation, the child can be first to hold the other room, give room ventilation, avoid the wind cold. 5 physical cooling can make the forehead cold cold towel, can also be a warm bath, bath water temperature should lower than the body temperature of 1-2 DEG C, can not remember the use of alcohol rub the body to cool down. If the child is afraid of the cold and cold chills, not when using these methods of physical cooling. 6.相关的主题文章: