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A good picture book mom and dad to help protect children curiosity every parent may have such distress, when the baby began to talk, the world is full of curiosity, but can not accurately express the results that the performance is that mom and dad are very annoying naughty restless. So, is there a good way to help parents to solve the trouble, make the baby more people worry, but do not hurt the child’s curiosity? The curiosity is full, but not a long time to maintain the attention of children to a thing in terms of cramming education is the best way to avoid this, the baby will cause boredom, hit the child’s interest in learning, counterproductive effect. Therefore, in guiding children to accept new knowledge, we must focus on the key, step by step, and the focus here is to find out the most important stage of the growth of essential skills. To let the baby learn to express, we must first teach children how to correctly understand the things around. For example, what are the numbers, what you feel, what color you see, what clothes you wear…… So, let the baby learn how to use language to describe the world in their eyes, numbers, shapes, colors, classification, feel, orientation, contrast, clothing, is the most basic of the eight essential cognitive skills. After defining the most important of these eight skills, the next step is to think about how we educate our children What if they don’t listen? We must use our secret weapon — this book! The story is the most direct contact with children to understand the world most easily into the way, and the story more in line with the child’s psychological state, the content more rich imagination, the picture more interesting, more easy to let the child fascinated. Good books, story language is a musical, melodic, initial follow the laws of children with auditory perception of the world. In addition, more importantly, the story content is close to the daily life, the more convenient interaction between parents and children, are more likely to imperceptibly affect the child’s daily life, and the story of the hero in good personality and good habits, can also directly affect children, develop their good character and good quality. "ABC" is the cognitive enlightenment of preschool bilingual picture book contains all of these advantages is a set of cognitive characteristics and enlightenment books, plus a bilingual enlightenment, on children’s early education guide is more comprehensive. This book consists of 8 books, each of the skills for a child for people, tell a little story fun and warm, in guiding children to master the cognitive skills at the same time, to protect the child’s curiosity, stimulate children’s interest in learning, but also through the protagonist show good character, let the children become more sensible and well behaved in happy reading. English words and simple sentences in the book, is also very suitable for mom and Dad read myself to listen to the baby, and not worry about words too uncommon, compared to some need to listen to voice of English picture books, this book enhances the parent-child interaction when reading books. For example: the number of cognitive "teach you": the mole count can let the baby learn the basic digital concept, but also in the story to let the baby learn to share happiness; cognitive form "play the game" shape: the town is not.相关的主题文章: