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Internet-Marketing "Would you like to join my Network Marketing Business?" How many times have we heard of this statement from our family members and relatives and friends? What are your first thoughts when being asked such a question? Nowadays one can see there are many different network marketing business opportunities being shown online. Yet we are being accused of being a greedy person because you are involved in network marketing. I find this to be common statement where certain groups of people, whose attitude seem to proclaim that network marketing, the art of recruiting people and making money off their down lines is an inherently greedy, self-centered industry. I seriously think otherwise. Obviously people are missing the point of the business when they comment that network marketers are greedy people. I strongly believe that the network marketing industry is a wonderful industry not because of how much one can earn through the income potential but because of the way the business model is built to help the individual grow in character and with a set of skills (as Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that MLM is his definition of a perfect business). I like to call it a business of helping people help people. It is a team sport business. You see, in a network marketing business, one needs to build a team of down lines and leverage on their efforts in order for one to succeed. But before one can achieve that, one would need to have a ‘pay-it-forward’ attitude mindset first by spending time and money to train your down lines to succeed. Unlike in today’s real world, if you train an apprentice to be a master like you, many will be runing off to open a new shop – thus becoming your competitor! However, in network marketing, you can do your very best for your down line. In fact, even if they surpass your income or surpass your current level, you would be even happier for them because by then you will be smiling all the way to the bank as your down lines have helped you earned as well through a combined team effort. At the same time, I am also able to give a very good opportunity to someone else to help him grow in character and in his business as well. Make no mistake about this – todays economy is in dire straits and there is a lack of opportunities everywhere. People are getting retrenched and unemployment rates are increasing day by day! If something is not done, more and more families are going to suffer! As such we need to help people FAST! That is why I am more convinced than ever when it comes to helping people with my network marketing business, I not only offer them a great opportunity but also a chance to grow in character to make the best of what they have in their hands. So is network marketing a ‘greedy’ business? Well it really depends on the individual’s mindset and attitude as such does he have a greedy heart? After all, there isn’t a perfect business model in the world and humans aren’t so perfect either. All you need to do is to do your best, by helping others and providing great value for others first by paying it forward, you will have a clear conscience about your network marketing business. Once you have in-cultivated these traits in your Network Marketing Business, you will go very far as your down lines will also trust and believe you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: