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2016 Forbes China rich list: the top three and they! Yao Zhenhua tenth want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Today, "Forbes" official website released 2016 China rich list, before the three seats are still a "King" occupy horses. In addition, it is worth noting that Shenzhen Bao Investment Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua ranked tenth with a net worth of $9 billion 500 million. Overall, the total wealth of the list of members is $947 billion, compared to $830 billion last year, up 14%. And Forbes billionaires worth $one billion to the number of Chinese Regal first reached 400 people in the true sense, this is the first time. Wang Jianlin won 4 consecutive years Chinese the richest man in Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin worth $33 billion won the first list, this is his nearly 4 years to become the third Forbes Chinese rich list first. Technology business tycoons, Alibaba and Tencent Chairman Jack Ma, chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in two or three, the NetEase chairman of the board and CEO Ding Lei ranked fifth, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li in seventh. In addition, SF express President Wang Wei for $18 billion 500 million in fourth. Rightmark International Group founder Wang Wenyin to $13 billion 800 million in sixth, the founder of the U.S. group Xiangjian to $11 billion 400 million in eighth, Evergrande founder Xu Jiayin to $9 billion 800 million in ninth, Baoneng Investment Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua’s $9 billion 500 million in tenth. 100 years ago, the world is probably Rockefeller, Ford or Carnegie in creating such characters, but with Chinese gradually in the world economic arena emerged, the next century will belong to Wang Jianlin or the name of China ma. Today, when money means a lot of creativity, an authoritative list of China’s wealth is even more attractive. With nearly a century of the history of the list of financial magazine "Forbes", with a high degree of professionalism and professional news. "Forbes" in 2003 to enter the Chinese market, by virtue of the market and investment analysis is the best domestic team, accurate undoubtedly sit Chinese list world No.1 spot, become the financial business media leaders. Forbes, editor in chief of the Chinese version of Fan Luxian, as China’s richest list of people have been 13 years. Announced in this year’s list on the eve of Fan Luxian came from behind the stage, as we uncover the secret wealth list. Sit in the new Forbes office, in order to make a list of all night without sleep Fan Luxian tired. But when it comes to the highlights of this year’s rich list, Wang suddenly looked high spirits. This year, the list is generally more wealthy than last year, Forbes rich list this year, many of the points of concern. First of all, Forbes billionaires worth $one billion to the number of Chinese’s first to achieve a real sense of the 40 theories相关的主题文章: