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At the end of the year is not short of heavy SUV new guide T90 Bao wo BX5 listed Sohu Sohu [car new car] is the Mid Autumn Festival has passed, retrieving, etc. at the national day and new year’s day. 2016 is about to enter the final stage, the prophet king on suppress strength planning holidays, while car prices are usually put fresh choke. Fourth quarter, the automotive market heat unabated, which is most popular in the field of SUV, from autonomy to the joint venture to import, the level of more than a dozen new cars will be listed in the four quarter. If you are going to treat a new car at the end of their year of hard work, don’t worry, a wave of "hard" is on the way. · the year will be listed in heavy SUV replacement + domestic, is one of these heavy SUV keywords, Volkswagen Tiguan replacement, but at the end of the year listed version is imported Tiguan, truly new generation Tiguan until 2017. New Renault Koleos will introduce domestic, in addition, the new SUV Jeep will be named "Guangzhou Fick", positioning compact, to some extent can be regarded as a guide to product. Independent, small SUV medium level development trend of slowing down, but there are two blockbuster products will be listed on the year: trumpchi GS8 and Kai Chen T90. Integrated all models, these heavy SUV is also open to new market segments, such as Peugeot 4008 Compact + class positioning. As for the X7, Taidamai Aziz etc. due to exposure with gold, too many times in the detailed interpretation, they also will be the year listed, but I’m afraid it’s not in the "heavy" category. · according to the level of classification: the compact SUV is becoming more and more years will be listed in the SUV, the compact is the absolute main force, including Tiguan, Po wo BX5, Corre, Jeep new SUV and Peugeot 4008. No matter for the joint venture or independent, compact level are "walking" products, now has a compact growing trend, the new version of the long axis of the Tiguan (2017 listed) and Peugeot 4008 body size are approaching medium, it can be said that the "Compact +", will be a future direction of chasing the manufacturers. · classified according to the mode of production: meet the growing legion of independent SUV popular and well known, independent car manufacturers to follow up each level of the SUV, showing two directions: one is cheap + pure imitation, take the amount of the three or four line of the city, to attract consumers. Another route is to integrate more thinking, strong product GS8, dare to try cross-border style of T90, even if seemingly unremarkable Southeast DX3, there are quite a few degrees of Plateau design. Generally speaking, the independent brand in the field of SUV joint venture rivals the achievements of the prophet who is willing to sit up and take notice, see the situation. · the year will be listed one by one comment (heavy SUV random) Summary: SUV in the four quarter.相关的主题文章: