The ancient town of Ningbo, even the name of the United States are deep flavor 爱多vcd

With deep flavor of sina micro-blog | tourism in 2016 08 months 30 days 10:49 overlapping mountains of Ningbo the thousand year old town, even the names are beautiful, winding water here, elegant and refined beauty he is — Yinzhou Tang Xi has said: the mountain drunk chant, add beautiful autumn. Look at the cross shade, cool gurgling. A pond, two Bay creek. With the shade of green mountains, clear water, still ancient village people. The undulating green mountains and rivers to one place, gave birth to the Millennium town – Tang Xi, even the name of beauty with deep flavor. With every stone of each soil can touch the traces of the years. There will be a mountain valley, Tong town has 32 River Plain, the ting Xi Mei Xi, is the two major river. With Mei Xi Ting Xi from west to East, from north to south, like two jade throughout the Tang xi. The autumn sun, pour in the East over the mountains, or a Piaoyun, flooding the sunlight, skim over the water. The clear water, reflecting the white mountain of violet grass, in the light of the sun, glowing light. With the landscape of the smart, more light and beautiful in nature of carving. Stretch of green, can be sad for positive energy, leading the heart to follow our dreams. There is a place where there is no city noise, mechanical steam without modern Ming, yes, just Qingshanxiushui around. There is a kind of happiness here gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind beautiful, innocent in this village, in the eyes of many people, is a "land of idyllic beauty". According to legend, with their ancestors built village, because mountain water is Ao ring reed, and in the sea, so the place was named Lu Pu, Lu Pu village still maintains the simplicity of folk customs. The village has a few trees, the sun through the leaves of the gap, light and shade, these trees like a loyal guard, guarding the quiet village. With the cool and quiet is yoshiura label. Even if it is summer, the temperature is kept at 30 degrees, a cane, a cup of tea, a group of elderly people, a warm scene in the afternoon. The village is surrounded by mountains on three sides, side of the sea, there are many old houses in the village, only 3 mountains connected with the mountains outside the mountains of life. One of them is connected with the Tang Xi Lu Pu – elastic copper ridge trail. With rotten leaves on the road up to half a foot deep, step up soft and wet. The trees on both sides of the road stays days, shrubs and grass is long airtight. Moisture got rain, green grass was called a unrestrained green full of vitality! Even the rain Ji early, vegetation water dripping, leaves the Suyu dropping their top-heavy, cross the road ramps, often all hide, you have to bow down from the dripping branches hard drill in the past, made the whole body wet. Pictures from the village to the top of the ridge "Zou bomb gravel, stone small and sleek, from Lu Pu Cun Ling Ding" to play the gravel, stones and the rough, two kinds of different styles, each one has its own merits. Now playing the copper ridge: trees, birds contend, along the ridge of the stream, such as a girl, just listen to his voice, can not see the shadow..相关的主题文章: