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The concept of entertainment | don’t Deyunshe labor disputes P traditional filters _ _ feelings entertainment Tencent (the Yang Shiyang entertainment Zhuangao) everything is for money. Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang then fell out, just because you think you sell the life for Deyunshe, did not come three melon two jujubes, treatment too shabby, his fame and profits far not consistent. So, Guo Degang or Cao Yunjin or not, and those who never too big to watch the onlookers, they don’t pull those fake kindness, lakes and morality. After all, it’s just a labor dispute. However, everyone in the entertainment circle, it is special, with the traditional business opening meal, so there will always be a labor dispute this drama, the disciples and mentor, and like the romantic arena of Moral Rhetoric, a mix of people for the troupe like, build a the old picture like the vicissitudes of life. Grievances, anger and resentment behind the words of Cao Yunjin, is to pretend not to, then everything is oppressed for a long time after catharsis. In fact, the publicity of the labor disputes clear after the transmission of a typical cultural conflict: conflict between one to act in accordance with the modern enterprise system and a young people want to use emotion and moral control of disciples of the master. Young people want to be their own company, reputation, auction; troupe wanted the troupe, he applied to his disciples and disciple of Mathias, grateful for him. Objectively speaking, many of Guo Degang’s ideas did not enter the modernization. Although he has also been mentioned into with the disciples, but always say enmity system consciously into the old troupe. In fact, not what a traitor and loyal enterprise, all staff. Just a lot of time, it is difficult for Guo Degang to use the modern thinking to control a production from the form to the contents of the very traditional team. Monasteries things this business of Guo Degang’s birth, along the way, the environment, determines his management mode and character. So, Guo Degang today and some of the disciples fell out, there is no suspense. Since his debut, Guo Degang has been trying to shape their own kind in rebel and Savior in a role. He put the crosstalk into a whole sense of the fallen community, but he is like Quixote, although long oppressed, but still tough to hold comic fundamentalist banner, bitterly challenged the enemy. What’s more, he has succeeded: the double coronation of business and reputation. From the cultural system, he was seen as a comic way, a carol comic, comic strip partial publicity after many years in the economic system, recover the original simplicity; he is the new inspirational idol, night walk back from the snow drift far suburbs become miserable, worth billions of dollars star rich in power system; and when he knocked over the red light counterparts, because after the endorsement of fake and shoddy products was approved, is still the CCTV Spring Festival Gala (watch) that have given the symbolic meaning of the stage 17 minutes of prime time, who knows, the stage means a higher authority for his approval and consent. Man is an animal that cannot be judged objectively. Once the reputation of the day, coupled with the huge wealth, who may have their own behavior.相关的主题文章: